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Did u tired getting your website attack? Well here your chance to order with me!

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As title

Attack was we mention in title is DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service)

For only website owner who using cloudflare FREE or paid ones

Well with our setup. Its just cost u 1 time paying on us and FREE of cloudflare lifetime then u will never get DDOS

Why we can do this setup? because we actually the attacker who can provide this service at very good price

Some of you may be thinking what kind attack actually we down? actually we already take down alot malaysia site such as unifi,astro big corporate company website, alot security site such as kaspersky and even big trading forex overseas such as wefenix. we also can sent proof again over and over if u need it :)

We also launching our own marketplace. but it will comes with great protection same as we will do for you

We can also doing SEO task with whitehat links for getting ur website at good result search pages. u can ask us in PM about SEO

After paying these. we may need ur website details in order to setting our setup and gonna do a test backend with our BOTNET that running 1TBps and 3Million of unique IPS in various location

we will sent u result in report after done. that is the most trusted site for reading the server up/down status

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