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IHG 300K-500K [Account with Points]

RM 700.00
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IHG Accounts with Points

Can be used to

  • Book Rooms
  • Order Giftcards (4-5 Weeks Delivery)
  • Order Digital Games (Steam), Books, Movies

I Suggest you Transfer Points to your Account as sometimes once you order 1 Game etc it will ask you to verify your the owner of the Account to order more


  • Login to Account
  • Change Email to your email
  • Either Transfer Points (2-3 Days Delivery) / Order things above

IHG account FAQ

1. How much time it take to get the gift card?
» It usually take 1 week but may take more depending on demand, so i suggest to order other Electronic item like iPhone, laptop or phone

2. I cant change the email on this account?
» Don't copy the email, you have to type it.

3. Can i use my own address for the delivery of products?
>. Yes you can. It is safe as you are using the point and not the CC.

I will keep updating this FAQ

Links Below For Ordering


Giftcards & Other Stuff

Transfer/Buy Points

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